La tête en l'air

La tête en l'air Movie Poster

Emilio, a retired banker with Alzheimer's disease, lives in a residence for the elderly and ill, having been placed there by his son and daughter. His roommate, Miguel, was quick to initiate the newcomer, while he was still alert, to the customs of the institution where he enjoys performing small scams on the most confused patients. Not realizing the seriousness of his condition, Emilio is wary of Miguel, especially when his watch and his wallet mysteriously disappear. But Miguel only wants to be Emilio’s friend, renaming him "Rockefeller" and using various strategies to avoid letting him be transferred to the upper floor, with the most severely affected patients.

Studio: AZ Films
Writer(s): Ignacio Ferreras, Ángel de la Cruz, Paco Roca, Rosanna Cecchini, Manuel Cristóbal, Oriol Ivern

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