There Where Atilla Passes...

There Where Atilla Passes... Movie Poster

Atilla works in the kitchen of a Turkish restaurant in Montreal. Born in Turkey, he was adopted at a very young age by a couple of Quebecers who are now going through a marital crisis. While his mother forces Atilla to meet with a psychologist, his policeman father tries, although clumsily, to protect him and to get him involved in the realization of a dream: opening a restaurant.

Their plans are diverted by Atilla’s co-worker Ahmet, a widower from Turkey who invites the young man to a party, where he meets Asya, a beautiful student about to return to Istanbul.

Director: Onur Karaman
Studio: K-Films Amérique
Producer(s): Marcel Giroux, Onur Karaman
Cast: Émile Schneider, Roy Dupuis, Julie Deslauriers, Dilan Gwyn, Cansel Elsin
Writer(s): Onur Karaman

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