La lune viendra d'elle-même

La lune viendra d'elle-même Movie Poster

Aimée, a young woman in her thirties, was infected with the AIDS virus three years ago and can no longer live alone. Francine, a hairdresser in her fifties, and Marianne, a childhood friend, take her to Maison Bleue, a hospice for terminal patients.

Knowing that her brain will soon be affected, Aimée begins filming the people around her, often asking them direct questions. Francine shows up every day to help take care of Aimée, but after several months, the task becomes too much as Aimée starts showing confusion and becomes easily angered, knowing she doesn't have much time left.

Studio: Christal Films
Producer(s): Bernadette Payeur, Mireille Darveau
Cast: France Castel, Isabelle Leblanc, Nathalie Mallette, Dominique Pétin, Bernard Alane, Jean Leclerc, Claude Léveillée, Stéphane Jacques, Emmanuel Bilodeau, Louise Bombardier
Writer(s): Marie-Jan Seille
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