Keys of the Arcturians

Keys of the Arcturians Movie Poster

A mind-blowing multimedia show in a universal language: Sacred Geometry. Presented by special invitation at the United Nations in New York - now being brought to Canada. In a world in transition, so see many of us get ‘caught’ in process of transition. Who am I? Why am I here? What do l love? What do I fear?

Direct from Amsterdam, Dutch graphic designer Janosh will take you on a roller coaster ride where you will explore the answers to these questions with magnificent geometric holograms and wonderful music.

Experience a series of ‘Activations’ to help shift sub-conscious programmes that no longer serve you, replacing them with powerful affirmations to shape your life the way you want it. A whole day journey to your sub-conscious you will not easily forget!

Explore the art and messages of crop circles and learn about the perfect geometry contained in the designs and throughout the Universe.

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