Katryn's Place

Katryn's Place Movie Poster

After the death of her husband Ken, Katryn, a Polish immigrant, falls into depression and alcohol abuse. While driving under the influence, she survives a serious accident. The event makes Katryn stop and think, and gives her the incentive to carry out on a healthier life. She takes over the running of Ken’s restaurant, renaming it Katryn's Place.

However, despite her efforts, the young woman still feels depressed. She doesn’t get along with her mother, her father-in-law hates her and Ken’s dog, Dog, keeps running away. One evening, she decides to follow Dog to see where he goes, and discovers troubling secrets about her late husband, whom she always believed to be perfect.

Director: B. de Burgh
Studio: Cinéma Libre
Producer(s): Melissa Malkin
Cast: Pascale Montpetit, Éric Goulem, France Arbour, Angelo Cadet, Chip Chiupka, Marthe Turgeon
Writer(s): James Galwey

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