Kalla Malla Sulla

Kalla Malla Sulla Movie Poster

Newspaper editor Ramesh and his wife Ramya rush to the airport in the hope of catching the minister red-handed and they stumble upon Ravi boldly kissing a young foreign girl in full public view.Ramesh clicks this photo to show it to Pooja, Ravi's wife.

Ravi, naturally avoids it by talking sweetly his wife but decides to 'change' his friend and also teach him a lesson. After that the entry of Khushi in Ramesh's life through his friend Ravi makes him face many embarrassing moments. He uses his employer Raghu to hide his mistakes.

Circumstances force Raghu, who is in love with Sanju, to act as Khushi's husband. The rest of the story is full of fun with the lead pairs saving their skin by telling lies and getting into trouble.

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