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Release Date: February 16, 2000 (limited)

1h 50m | Comedy, Drama

After 10 happy years of marriage Meir and Rivka have no children, which is a source of worry for the community's rabbi.

Rivka's sister, Malka, is in love with a man who has chosen to leave the community and the rabbi decides that to ensure his lineage, Meir must repudiate Rivka and marry Haya. He has also decided to marry Malka to Yossef, his faithful helper.

Rivka moves out of the house. She sinks into a life of silence and solitude.

Malka reacts differently to the bleak future imposed on her. She rebels.
Director: Amos Gitai
Studio: Universal Pictures
Cast: Meital Barda, Sami Hori, Yoram Hattab, Yael Abecassis
Writer(s): Eliette Abecassis, Amos Gitai
Official Site: www.kino.com/kadosha.html

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