Journey to Portugal

Journey to Portugal Movie Poster

On the evening of December 31, 1997, Maria, a Russian-speaking Ukrainian, lands at Faro airport in order to join her husband Grego, who is of Senegalese origin, in Lisbon. In customs, her difficulties in communicating, her provocative style of dressing and some evasive answers cause the authorities to distrust her. While her husband is eager to find her, Maria is detained by a suspicious inspector. Meanwhile, Grego is arrested, interrogated and handcuffed. After spending a night in a cell, Maria, increasingly desperate by this Kafkaesque situation, obtains the assistance of a translator, in the absence of a lawyer.

Director: Sergio Tréfaut
Studio: Cinéma du Parc
Cast: Maria de Medeiros, Isabel Ruth, Makena Diop

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