Journey of A Red Fridge

Journey of A Red Fridge Movie Poster

A seventeen year old porter from the Himalayan Mountains navigates the rugged landscape hauling an old fashioned Coca-Cola fridge in need of repair, and filmmakers Lucian Muntean and Natasa Stankovic allow viewers a glimpse into the life of an optimistic young man who is greeted warmly wherever he goes and harbors great hope for the future.

Hari Rai works as a porter to pay his tuition at Management University. His work is physically exhausting at times, yet the rewards of his work go far beyond the monetary. Most of the time, Hari transports backpacks for tourists and delivers messages for people who are unable to visit their loved ones in person.

He's welcomed with warm meals and a comfortable place to rest virtually everywhere he goes. As Hari makes his four day journey through the Himalayas, he opens up about his culture as well and the viewer is allowed a curious glimpse of Western tourists from a completely unique perspective.

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