Journal of a Contract Killer

Journal of a Contract Killer Movie Poster

Inspired by true events, director Tony Maylam's action drama tells the tale of a beautiful contract killer who's forced to take on the mob after they kidnap her seven year old daughter. Stephanie Komack is a high-priced hooker and world-class assassin who carries out contracts for the Italian mafia.

She wanted to start a new life in London, waiting tables to support herself and her young daughter, but now Stephanie's old bosses have tracked her down and they're about to make an offer she can't refuse. It was supposed to be her last job, but when the hit goes awry the mafia snatches Stephanie's daughter as punishment.

When Stephanie comes to the stark realization that she's about to go down no matter how hard she fights, she determines to take back her daughter and seek revenge against the men who stole the only thing she ever loved.

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