Joe Dirt

Joe Dirt Movie Poster

Abandoned by his trashy parents at the Grand Canyon, trailer park raised Joe Dirt begins a 20-year quest to find them again. Now full grown, Joe (Spade) works as a janitor. Irrepressibly optimistic, he decides to continue his search and goes on the road alone.

During his trip he meets various characters, such as radio man shock-jock Zander Kelly (Miller) who interviews Joe on his show. At first an object of ridicule, Joe's tale begins touching the hearts of Kelly's listeners. Soon audiences worldwide rally to help Joe on his quest.

Director: Dennie Gordon
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Producer(s): Robert Simonds
Cast: Gary Busey, Christopher Walken, David Spade, Adam Beach, Tyler Mane, Kid Rock, Roseanne Barr, Joe Don Baker, Brittany Daniel, Dennis Miller
Writer(s): David Spade, Fred Wolf, Matt Piedmont
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