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1h 21m | Comedy, Documentary, Drama

On the eve of his 50th birthday, Jimmy, a gambler-drinker and hopeless schemer, is a man in crisis. For him it's now or never-the time has come to escape from mediocrity. Pretending to be a big time American producer, Jimmy plans an elaborate TV ad campaign to promote a Northern Quebec rodeo extravaganza.

Filmmaker Simon Sauvé documents his whereabouts but a chain of events transforms the film into the making of a crime.

Director: Simon Sauvé
Studio: Atopia
Producer(s): Pascal Maeder, Simon Sauvé
Cast: James G. Weber, Manzur Ahsan Chowdhury, SQ Moshiqur Rahman, George Weber, Simon Sauvé
Writer(s): Simon Sauvé
Official Site: www.jimmywork.com

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