Francis (Emmanuel Bilodeau) is a gentle and generous man who finds himself behind bars after innocently getting involved with a number of people who abuse his good will. During an interrogation, he has to convince the police that his actions were not those of a criminal. He thought he was performing good deeds, such as when he helped a confused widow who claimed to have been cheated by a garage mechanic. To complicate matters, Francis seeks revenge on the dangerous criminal who disrespected his late mother.

Director: Marc-André Lavoie
Studio: Orange Médias
Producer(s): Adrien Bodson
Cast: Réal Bossé, Pascale Bussières, Mahée Paiement, Emmanuel Bilodeau, Sandrine Bisson, Dorothée Berryman, David La Haye
Writer(s): Marc-André Lavoie
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