I Shall Remember

I Shall Remember Movie Poster

1942 and the war is raging in a small seaside town in occupied Southern Russia. Half Greek, half Russian Vadik is a thirteen year old who lives by the rules of the street: wheeling, dealing and dodging soldiers who think he is Jewish.

When his father, weak from his experiences in a prison camp, returns, Vadik is mortified that he doesn't immediately volunteer for the front like the other heroic fathers, and despises his father for what he thinks is cowardice.

Little does Vadik know that this lame, downtrodden man is in fact risking his life for the underground, hiding Jewish children from the Germans. As Vadik becomes great friends with a boy that his father saved, he realises his father was more of a hero than in his wildest dreams.

Based on a true story, Russian director Vitaly Vorobev's historical drama is an evocative tale of courage under the bleakest of circumstances.

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