I Hope You Are Well

I Hope You Are Well Movie Poster

When Minou, an actress in her forties, is returning home to the McGill Ghetto of Montreal on Easter Sunday, she comes across Dave, a colleague she hasn't seen in ten years, near the Mont-Royal subway station. As a consequence of a concussion he suffered a year earlier, the actor now suffers from impaired memory and concentration, which prevents him from being able to continue his acting career. Shocked by the news, Minou, who is experiencing personal problems of her own, invites Dave to take a walk with her to catch up on old times. Strolling through their old neighborhood, they take stock of their lives.

Director: David La Haye, Jay Tremblay
Studio: Ex-Centris
Producer(s): David La Haye
Cast: David La Haye, Marie-Chantal Perron, Richard Robitaille
Writer(s): David La Haye

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