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User review rating: 4 November 24, 2018

This movie is probably not ready for the mainstream white population, which is exactly why it should be made. I've been a fan of James Baldwin's work for many years and feel he is one of the most under rated writers of our time. His message 50 years ago are more accurate and poignant in our age now than they were back then. Director Raoul Peck has done a masterful role of bringing this story to the table, and Samuel L Jackson has fit his narration role perfectly to serve the picture. There are many take away's from this movie, and I hope that this will drive more awareness to the messages of human connection and awareness of the bigotry we use racial prejudices to divide our societies.

User review rating: 5 July 02, 2017

not talking about race is why we have a race problem, its a hard subject but much work needs to be done, stop being scared

User review rating: 1 May 13, 2017

I am so sick of race movies, just no.

User review rating: 1 May 08, 2017


User review rating: 5 March 07, 2017

A must see alongside the Netflix film 13th. The film is loud though with exceptional sound track, busy and kaleidoscopic. This is intentional of course and shakes up viewers, forcing them to pay attention, giving them almost more than they can handle. It also results in distraction. The narration over sound is difficult to follow especially when there is a lot of action on screen. But James Baldwin's view makes clear the strands of thought in the African- American community during the civil rights era, the different perspectives on black-white relations and where he stood himself. Baldwin's put down of Robert Kennedy's prediction of the possibility of a black president in 40 years is epic. When we think of people as Other we have to ask ourselves why we need to identify people as Other (to paraphrase Baldwin)

User review rating: 5 February 16, 2017

This movie was exceptional. I recommend it as a must see for all. We are planning to see it again.

User review rating: 5 February 04, 2017

The entire thing. Very timely.

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