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I Am Michael - Official Trailer

996 Views | 2:01 | Uploaded on Jan 18, 2017

In the official trailer for I Am Michael, Michael Glatze and Bennett (James Franco and Zachary Quinto) playfully roll around in bed together. We learn that the lovers met when they were arrested while protesting a Christian coalition event. Michael says it's how he knew it was true love.
As the trailer continues, the men discuss homosexuality and the church's influence on it. But Michael appears to have somewhat of an epiphany when he becomes curious with faith and how it factors into sexuality. He joins a friend on a visit to church and tells Bennett the following: "I just feel like something shook me and woke me up."
The remainder of the trailer plays out as Michael meets Rebekah (Emma Roberts), he admits that he no longer identifies as gay, and says, "We're always changing, evolving, and I'm open to that."

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