How We Are Related: Contemporary Short Films By Women

How We Are Related: Contemporary Short Films By Women Movie Poster


How do we look at our loved ones? The engrossing films in this program at once warm us with familial love while breaking our hearts at the thought of those bonds turning into mere recollection. Little wonder that memories of family are always bittersweet. Featuring Mary Jane Daniel's meditative PICTURES OF THINGS THAT AREN'T THERE which delves into her personal experiences of loss, lending her image a haunting beauty, Juana Awad and Jorge Lozan's IDEOLOGY which shatters taboos about the politically correct and dominant contradictions of love, Shereen Jerrett's TAKING A WALK WITH DAD, a deeply poignant look at her father watching himself grow older before our eyes on screen, Tracy German’s SCHEME -- composed of photographs, text and drawings from Tracy's son at creative play and school. Many of the images are photographs shot with a child's Crayola 110 camera.

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