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Lewellen (Dakota Fanning), a troubled 12-year-old girl, is being raised by her abusive father who frequents her bed at night, and a disciplinarian grandmother. However, the girl finds comfort and strength through the music of Elvis Presley.

She acquires other moments of childhood happiness playing in the woods with her friend, Buddy, but when that veers toward innocent sexual games, it becomes clear that Lewellen has experienced more than a little girl should—a painful secret that she’s kept buried inside. However, when she’s raped by a teenage boy, her spirit comes close to the breaking point.
Director: Deborah Kampmeier
Studio: Empire Film Group
Producer(s): Deborah Kampmeier, Jen Gatien, Raye Dowell, Terry Leonard
Cast: Dakota Fanning, David Morse, Cody Hanford, Robin Wright, Piper Laurie, Ryan Pelton, Isabelle Fuhrman
Writer(s): Deborah Kampmeier
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