Hey Arnold! The Movie

Hey Arnold! The Movie Movie Poster

Scheck (Sorvino), a powerful industrialist who heads up Future Tech Industries, has decided to invade the community where Arnold (Klein), Gerald (Smith) and Helga (Smith) have lived all their lives. Together with a couple of unscrupulous businessmen -- one of whom is Helga's father -- Scheck plans to buy up everything in sight, bulldoze it down and erect a mega-mall.

But as the clock clicks toward the approaching demolition, Arnold finds out that the neighborhood is actually a national landmark. If he can locate the document that declares his block a historical site, the mayor will stop Scheck cold.

So with the help of the neighborhood "spy kid" Bridget (Leigh) and his ultra-cool, level-headed best friend Gerald, Arnold steps up to save the day by infiltrating Future Tech and showing Scheck the real meaning of progress -- finding new joys in an old neighborhood that stands at the heart of their community!

Based on the hit Nickelodeon television series "Hey Arnold!".
Director: Tuck Tucker
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Producer(s): Albie Hecht, Craig Bartlett
Cast: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Christopher Lloyd, Paul Sorvino, Spencer Klein, Jamil Smith, Francesca Marie Smith, Dan Castellaneta
Writer(s): Craig Bartlett, Steve Viksten
Official Site: www.heyarnold.com

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