Hadwin's Judgement

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1h 27m | Documentary

Logging engineer and survivalist Grant Hadwin was unparalleled when it came to inspecting the old and rugged forests of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. His job was to find and remove the oldest and most valuable trees.

Unable to reconcile his love for the forest with the fact that he was contributing to its destruction, Hadwin decided to commit a radical crime in protest, one that earned him hatred from the aboriginal Haida Nation and a court date. He didn’t show up to court, and a few months later his kayak was found on the shore of an uninhabited island. He has never been seen again.

Director: Sasha Snow
Studio: National Film Board of Canada
Producer(s): David Allen, David Christensen, Elizabeth Yake, Yves Ma
Cast: Doug Chapman
Writer(s): Sasha Snow
Official Site: www.hadwinsjudgement.com

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