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3.49 / 5

User rating: 3.49

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User review rating: 3 August 10, 2013

Movies is alright. I wish some actors would have stayed in it longer... probably would have made the movie good.

User review rating: 5 August 05, 2013

Would LOVE to see Big Jim in a G.I. Joe movie, and they're going to need a new guy now that they've killed off the Channing Tatum character.

User review rating: 5 August 05, 2013

I hope they put Big Jim in the next one, that would be AWESOME!

User review rating: 5 August 05, 2013

The thinking man's action picture.

User review rating: 3 August 04, 2013

Typical The Rock movie. Good time killer, no real substance.

User review rating: 5 June 09, 2013

This movie was great but I thought they could have kept Channing alive. This kept me at the edge of my seat...go going all! LOVE ALWAYS JOANNIE :)

User review rating: 5 May 18, 2013

the part were they all rauch the nukes at ones is pure genious. this film was pure artwork made by one of the masters. easily the greatest film of all time..

User review rating: 3 May 18, 2013

this movie was okay, i would have liked it alot better if bruce willis was bending the rock over a table and thrusting his manhood in and out of his an*s.

User review rating: 1 April 20, 2013

The movie was trash, please don't waste your money on this film. The plot was terrible and the action was mediocre, Willis at his worst.

User review rating: 5 April 17, 2013

This and Scary Movie 5 are representative of modern filmmaking at its finest.

User review rating: 1 April 17, 2013

Crap! Brainless crap. Well-suited for the impaired of mind and persons with an IQ of 50 and lower.

User review rating: 1 April 12, 2013

Do not waist your money I felt like I was watching a power rangers cartoon The plot was poorly written and confuseing The 3d was hard on the eyes the hole movie was stuped I don't know how they got the rock and bruce willis ot even read the script let alone star in it!

User review rating: 3 April 12, 2013

I would give this a 3.5, but they don't give you this choice. Not bad, but I found it not a G.I. Joe movie, but a Rock and Bruce Willis action movie that happened to have Joe characters in it. Thank God thye didn't give up Snakeeyes

User review rating: 1 April 10, 2013

This movie was absolutely horrible. The only saving grace was the special effects and a few of the action scenes. The storyline is not remotely plausible - all countries launching their nuclear warheads at the same time, then self destructing them in mid flight. The script seemed like it was written by a teenager in a hurry to finish their homework so they could go out and smoke up some more. The acting was so cheesy and subpar (due to the poorly written script and ridiculous storyline). I would have giving the first GI Joe a 6/10. This second GI Joe gets a GENEROUS 2/10 from me.

User review rating: 4 April 10, 2013

It was good to pretty good. One reviewer said the movie in 3D almost ruined it for him. Me too!! I didn't like it in 3D. This type of movie is Not suited to Be in 3D at all!! Another reviewer said they didnt like Mr. Channing in it. Neither did I. How many movies has he been in the last few years?? WOW. I go to a movie if he's in it. BUT would you please hire someone else who needs a job, more than him!! Thank you.

User review rating: 1 April 08, 2013

The action was good, but the story was total crap. Didn't make any sense. A weak story line. No country in the world launches all it nuke at the same time and then destroy it as well. That was so immature.

User review rating: 0 April 06, 2013


User review rating: 5 April 03, 2013

Yes the movie has changed from the first one. But they continue of where they left from the first. What more do you want from this plot. If most of you guys enjoyed watching this movie that is great news. If some of you guys who didn't like this movie that is your opinion. I enjoyed watching this movie because it had action packed from the beginning to the end. There is nothing wrong with this movie, they add some new characters in this movie which was fine. I think roadblock team was better off with channing tatum character. The old cast from the first one, some of them didn't wanted to be in the second one.

User review rating: 5 April 03, 2013

Bruce Willis at his best!

User review rating: 4 April 03, 2013

Good movie, but a little dissapointed, it doesn't really follow with the first movie. In the first, they had an underground base with many Joe's, in the second they get killed from ground level and by saying all the joe's are gone? yea like that makes sense, the Director change the whole plot, Drake and the girl from the first should have been kept. Sometimes I wonder, I am not a movie writter but will think better then them, from a huge movie fan.

User review rating: 3 April 03, 2013

The first one was better, this one left me wanting more in terms of plot. The action was abundant but lack of plot left me unsatisfied.

User review rating: 5 April 02, 2013

Looks and sounds just like a video game! What else could you want from a movie?!

User review rating: 5 April 02, 2013

The thinking man's action picture.

User review rating: 1 April 01, 2013

Stupid Story line. Almost felt a sleep.

User review rating: 1 April 01, 2013

A kick-ass CGI adventure!

User review rating: 2 April 01, 2013

not worth the money, the whole movie felt kinda pointless. the girl in it was eye candy though. Better to wait for it on dvd.

User review rating: 5 April 01, 2013

An early contender for Best Picture of the year.

User review rating: 1 April 01, 2013

alot of action BUT not a movie I would watch twice

User review rating: 3 March 31, 2013

Decent movies with old school GI JOE Tanks

User review rating: 5 March 31, 2013

Movie good. I like lots. Pictures move. People talk. Action things. Go joe!

User review rating: 1 March 31, 2013

how a movie with this star power could be so lifeless and boring is quite amazing. start with no story, i guess. what a waste.

User review rating: 2 March 31, 2013

You can't kill off Duke! What the hell. And all of a sudden the Rock is the Star? Good movie but it just went from being GI Joe, to the Rock in an Action Movie. What a joke.

User review rating: 5 March 31, 2013

Great sequel, No Brainer must see for non stop action, The Snake Eyes Mountain Fight Scene in 3D was Epic, Amazing, Wow, Best Scene In entire Movie. And Adrianne Palicki (Lady Jaye) is Stunning First in Spandex black and blue Then The Red Dress, Beauty, Check this Movie out 4 Sure

User review rating: 5 March 31, 2013

This movie was very good. It had lots of action better then first. The first didn't lot of action. This one had a story to tell from the beginning to the end. It keeps you guessing. Who says that Channing Tatum character is too boyish he was the same character that was in the last one. Way to the gi.joe cast. I can't wait to see this movie again.

User review rating: 5 March 30, 2013

just a fun movie! dont compare this movie to character driven movies this one is all about explosions kicking but while still lokin' cool hehehe

User review rating: 5 March 30, 2013

It is a very good film. The action is non-stop. It is grittier than the first. roadblock is a great leader. I can see why Duke was written out of it.

User review rating: 1 March 30, 2013

Common sense was not used by the director. A Big plane landing on the roof ....and NOBODY hears it comming. And there is more like that in the movie. Would be good for DVD at home.

User review rating: 2 March 29, 2013


User review rating: 5 March 28, 2013

Keeps you guessing all the way!

User review rating: 5 March 28, 2013

Best movie ever the 3d effects were. Amazing I don't care. If Channing taum got killed off. The acting was good Go see. Gi joe retaliation

User review rating: 1 March 28, 2013

totally predictable

User review rating: 3 March 28, 2013

Nonstop action, that just seems to be the only thing that keeps it afloat! 3 out of 5

User review rating: 4 March 28, 2013

Holding the release back til now just to put in more Channing Tatum scenes? Honestly, he isn't necessary other than to link his character into the story more given that he was in the previous. Bruce, The Rock, and Byung-hun Lee (perfectly sculpted body and perfectly suited for the role) and the martial artist behind the mask of Snake Eyes were all more than enough to carry the movie. Tatum is still too boyish to pull off the rugged tough guy look and attitude. Beautiful fight scenes--just wished it wasn't slightly ruined by having been forced into watching the movie in the annoying 3D since Ultra AVX (assigned seatings) is only available in 3D for this movie.

User review rating: 3 March 27, 2013

just got back from seeing the opening screening.. LOTS of action. Predictable and was entertaining.. me and GF both rate it a 3-5 solid 3 out of 5 of course the end leads to a conclusion!

User review rating: 4 January 27, 2013

This movei was set to hit theatres June 29th of last yr (2012)....they pushed back the movie til this March (2013). I guess they pulled it back because of Avengers in May and New Spiderman in July, wouldn't have made money in box office. This 2nd trailer looks better than 1st and Tatum is actually in the begin and end...i rate is as 4 out of 5.

User review rating: 1 January 04, 2013

Seriously, the movie ruin the original series, cartoon is so much better. They should just stick to the theme. Seriously, if I could rate it at zero I will.

User review rating: 0 December 19, 2012

The new movie trailer for G.I. Joe looks the same to me. It still looks like Channing Taum gets killed off from the movie.

User review rating: 1 June 01, 2012

i generally hate it when people review before seeing the movie, but there is a serious problem when the release date is pushed back 9 months when **theatres haver already started selling tickets** just to add 3d, or as rumored, to change the script because of one actor's change in popularity.

User review rating: 4 December 14, 2011

Too cool....Tatum, the Rock and Bruce. Yo Joe!

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