Geronimo Movie Poster

In a poor suburb in southern France, Geronimo, a respected special education teacher, works to ease tensions between her young students of different ethnicities. However, everything changes the day Nil Terzi, a teenager of Turkish origin, flees an arranged marriage to join her lover, gypsy Lucky Molina. The rivalry between the two clans, which at first manifests itself in dance duels, turns violent when Nils’ brothers, eager to repair the family honor, swear to kill the two lovers on the run. Putting her own life on the line, Geronimo will do everything to calm the madness that has engulfed the neighborhood.

Director: Tony Gatlif
Studio: Axia Films
Producer(s): Tony Gatlif
Cast: Céline Sallette, Rachid Yous, Naila Harzoune, David Murgia, Vincent Heneine, Aksel Ustun
Writer(s): Tony Gatlif

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