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When Maureen Doherty (Jacqueline Bisset) announces she is going to marry Oliver Vance (Stuart Wilson) immediately after her husband's death, her son Scott (Adam Garcia) is certain there is more to this liaison than first appears. Mistrustful of Oliver, Scott is soon blinded by his own attraction to Kelly Vance (Alice Evans), Oliver's daughter.

Convinced his father's death was not an accident, Scott, aided by Kelly, begins to investigate. Bound by this common purpose, they quickly bond and fall in love. Before they can prove their suspicions, a series of events leads to a fatal explosion that kills both their parents.

When Scott learns of Kelly's deceptions, he begins to wonder if the finger of guilt is deliberately being directed at him and if he has put his trust in the wrong person. Is it possible that Kelly is behind all of this?

Director: Klaus Menzel
Studio: MGM Pictures
Producer(s): Klaus Menzel
Cast: Jacqueline Bisset, Adam Garcia, Stuart Wilson, Alice Evans, James Naughton, Jaime Bello, Vincent Castellanos, Elia Enid Cadilla, Ann Michelle Fitzgerald, Craig Cady, J.C. Love
Writer(s): Klaus Menzel
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