Faro: Goddess of the Waters

Faro: Goddess of the Waters Movie Poster

Zanga was driven away from his native village as a boy because he was born out of wedlock. After living in the city he returns to his village, now an adult, to clear up the mystery of his origins. And also to show the villagers that despite the descrimination they showed him, he’s made something of himself, having become an engineer. His return triggers a series of conflicts.

He suggests to the chief that a dam should be build in order to better use the river which borders the village. But the trouble waters seem to obey the forces of the occult. Fishing is bad, there's a drowning and the superstitious village hold Zanga responsible for the anger of Faro, the goddess of the waters.

Director: Salif Traoré
Studio: Brunbro Entertainment Group
Producer(s): Bärbel Mauch, Daniel Morin, Ismaël Ouédraogo, Philippe Quinsac, Salif Traoré
Cast: Fili Traoré, Djeneba Koné, Sotigui Kouyaté, Tata Coulibaly, Tatou Traoré, Michel Mpambara
Writer(s): Salif Traoré, Olivier Lorelle

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