Episode 50

Episode 50 Movie Poster
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On DVD/VOD: October 2, 2012

1h 18m | Horror, Thriller

Two very different groups of paranormal experts—one made up skeptics trying to debunk myths about ghosts and spirits and the other made up of believers trying to prove their existence—team up for the first time to do a special television episode about paranormal activity. But the TV crews get much more than they anticipated when they wind up making contact with a powerful, insidious spirit.

Director: Joe Smalley, Tess Smalley
Studio: VVS Films
Producer(s): Ehud Bleiberg, Ian Holt
Cast: Josh Folan, Chris Perry, Natalie Wetta, Keithen Hergott, Eleanor Wilson
Writer(s): Ian Holt, Joe Smalley, Tess Smalley

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