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Orson Scott Card

While most of the highly anticipated young adult book-to-film adaptations were published within the last decade, Orson Scott Card’s science fiction novel Ender’s Game was first released almost 30 years ago.

Ender’s Game follows the story of Ender Wiggin, 12, a shy but brilliant boy who’s chosen to lead the military into a war against an invading race of aliens that will determine the future of Earth and the human race.

Ender’s Game received numerous accolades after it was published, including:

The 1985 Nebula Award for best novel
The 1986 Hugo Award for best novel
The 2008 Margaret A. Edwards Award
Selected for the book: Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels 1985-2010
Included on the list of Modern Library 100 Best Novels
Included on the American Library Association's "100 Best Books for Teens”

There are 15 books in the Ender’s Games series:

Earth Unaware
Earth Afire
Earth Awakens
Ender's Shadow
A War of Gifts
Ender's Game
Ender in Exile
Shadow of the Hegemon
Shadow Puppets
Shadow of the Giant
Shadows in Flight
Speaker for the Dead
Children of the Mind
Shadows Alive

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