Ek Jind Ek Jaan

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At twenty, Sukha finds himself raising his two brothers and sister and his stepsiblings when his stepmother dies. In the prime of his youth, Sukha falls in love with a beautiful girl called Ritu Shivpuri but withdraws the moment he realizes she’s hesitant about accepting his family. In turn, her brother, Kundan takes the rejection of his sister by Sukha to heart and vows revenge.

Sukha toils in the fields to bring up and educate his family properly. In time, his brother Karma decides to drop out help by working as a pizza delivery boy with a multi-national pizza chain. But he still yearns for his childhood sweetheart Nimmi, who moved away to the city. To help him, Sukha goes to visit Nimmi’s father, Dhanwant, in the city. However, Dhanwant refuses to marry Nimmi to poor Karma. But Karma is not ready to except the defeat. He goes to the city himself in pursuit of Nimmi.
Director: Chitrarth Singh
Studio: Eros
Producer(s): Deepak Maini, Sanjeey Maini
Cast: Raj Babbar, Aryan Vaid, Nagma , Arun Bakshi, Deep Dhillon, Mighty Gill, Donny Kapoor, Kulbir Bedesron
Official Site: www.ekjindekjaan.com

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