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An Albanian ex-patriot searching for fame in Athens makes a fatal mistake that forever seals his fate in an earnest crime drama that takes its cue from a real life case.

Eduart (Eshref Durmishi) longs to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a rock star, but since there's little hope for success in Albania he packs his bags for Athens and sets out to seek fame and fortune in a foreign land.

When prospects for illegal immigrants in Greece prove especially futile, dejected Eduart eventually turns to hustling in a seedy gay bar - a career misstep that has tragic consequences when the repulsed gigolo instinctively murders his first client.

Upon fleeing the country and returning to his family in Albania Eduart is warmly embraced by his mother and sister, but quickly turned over to the police by his unforgiving father.

In order to fund his flight to Greece Eduart had stolen a substantial amount of money from his mother's business, and though mom eventually managed to forgive and forget dad never quite gave up the grudge.

Imprisoned for his transgression and tormented by everyone except for his amiable cellmate, Eduart is transported to the prison infirmary after being ruthlessly sodomized by relentless prison hugs.

It's in the infirmary that Eduart makes the acquaintance of the reclusive Dr. Erdmann (Andre Hennicke), and gradually begins to realize that the only path to inner-peace is to come clean about the murder that no one even knows he committed.

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