Dreaming Of Joseph Lees

Dreaming Of Joseph Lees Movie Poster

In late 1950's England, Eva (Morton) lusts after the adventurous and worldly geologist Joseph Lees (Graves), whom she has known all her life. When Joseph is wounded on an excursion in Italy, Eva's love for him doubles.

Joseph retreats from society and Eva begins to be courted by the romantically inclined farmer, Harry Flyte (Ross). Although Eva finds Harry alluring, she continues to fantasize about Joseph and wants to keep her options open. She decides to move in with Harry, unwed. As Harry and Eva┬╣s relationship grows closer, her love for Joseph increases.

Things become very complicated for Eva when Joseph re-enters her life.

Director: Eric Styles
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Producer(s): Christopher Milburn, Mark Thomas (II), Matthew Kuipers
Cast: Samantha Morton, Lee Ross (I), Rupert Graves, Holly Arid, Miriam Margolyes, Frank Finlay, Nicholas Woodeson, Lauren Richardson, Felix Billson
Writer(s): Catherine Linstrum
Official Site: www.foxsearchlight.com/production/josephleesframe.html

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