Délivrez-moi Movie Poster

Released from prison after serving 10 years for the suspicious death of her lover, Annie returns to her small town. She reconnects with her now teenage daughter, Sophie, as well as her mother-in-law, who raised the girl. Annie must begin her life anew, but putting behind the demons of the past is no easy task.

After finding a job and an apartment, she tries her best to adjust to a normal life, while enduring not only Sophie's relentless curiosity, but the stares and gossip directed at her from the town’s inhabitants.

Director: Denis Chouinard
Studio: TVA Films
Producer(s): Michael Lehmann
Cast: Céline Bonnier, Juliette Gosselin, Geneviève Bujold, Patrice Robitaille
Writer(s): Monique Proulx, Denis Chouinard

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