Délice Paloma

Délice Paloma Movie Poster
User rating: 3

2h 14m | Drama

Along with her team, Madame Aldjeria fixes up other people's problems in exchange for cash, and she doesn't hesitate to dirty her hands in order to survive in a country where no holds are barred. Madame Aldjeria's new recruit, Paloma, catches everyone's eye including Riyad, who just happens to be Madame Aldjeria's son.

Director: Nadir Moknèche
Studio: Les Films du Losange
Producer(s): Bertrand Gore, Nathalie Mesuret
Cast: Biyouna , Aylin Prandi, Nadia Kaci, Daniel Lundh, Fadila Ouabdesselam, Lyes Salem
Writer(s): Nadir Moknèche

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