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1h 27m | Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Based on the writings of William S. Burroughs (and featuring Burroughs in a small role), DECODER is a rarely-seen cult thriller which expands on the phenomenon known as `Muzak.' - an artificial product created by scientists, musicians and marketing experts who construct a particular tonal sequence designed to increase productivity and enhance wellbeing. The 1984 of Orwell is imminent, and apocalyptic signs can be seen everywhere: muzak represents indisputable evil, the totalitarian, multinational brainwashing masked under an anonymous, seemingly neutral façade. The film stars FM Einheit as an anti-muzak producer who joins a resistance led by Throbbing Gristle’s Genesis P. Orridge, and frequent Burroughs collaborator Bill Rice as an undercover agent. PLUS! The legendary underage prostitute/heroin addict/pop culture icon Christiane F. appears as Einheit’s girlfriend.

Director: Muscha
Studio: Fett Film

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