Daft Punk's Electroma

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1h 14m | Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

A silent feature-length film that made its international debut at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, Electroma will interest Daft Punk fans and film enthusiasts alike. A departure from the usual cinematic experience, Electroma captures images and scenes with specific detail. Each scene can be viewed independently, likening the experience to the viewing of an art exhibit, or the recollection of one's own memories. With its breathtaking cinematography, innovative filming techniques, and above all its underlying search for humanity within a dystopian environment, Daft Punk have delivered a film that finds a common thread with their previous work while exploring new horizons as directors of their first feature film.

Nik 7 of Shout Out Out Out Out will open before the film with a DJ set at 10 pm. Tickets are $5 at the door.
Writer(s): Daft Punk
Official Site: www.electroma.org

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