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On DVD/VOD: April 19, 2005

1h 40m | Drama

Seventeen-year-old Rachel is a rebellious teen -- full of defiance and despair. From a broken home, her life is devoid of love and she has no outlet for expressing herself.

When Jeanne, a modern dance teacher, enters her life, Rachel changes. She finally finds a concrete way to express her uncertainty and rage towards a world which never provided her with positive attention.

Recently released from prison, Jeanne, who was involved in a minor case of theft, was able to get a glimpse into the world of women behind bars, who drown in hopelessness and often resort to violence or self destructive behavior. Jeanne share her experiences not only with Rachel, but also with Odile, an unemployed single mother.

Jeanne's professional eye and Odile's sensitive intellect cannot fail to see that Rachel has a real talent for dance. Will it turn out that thanks to this new interest and the people around her, she finds a path to a new life?

Director: Carole Laure
Studio: Cité-Amérique
Producer(s): Carole Laure, Lorraine Richard, Pascal Arnold
Cast: Clara Furey, Danielle Hubbard, Mireille Thibault, Jean-Marc Barr, Emmanuel Bilodeau, Reynald Bouchard
Writer(s): Carole Laure

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