Correction (Diorthosi)

Correction (Diorthosi) Movie Poster

Released from prison and still in his early thirties, an Athens man returns to his former neighborhood to discover that much has changed since his incarceration and that proper society seems to be keeping him at arms distance. Yorgos is a man locked between the past and the present - free from prison yet unable to move forward into the future.

As he sets out into the city streets in search of a connection to his past, he spies a young mother and daughter who may have been his family in a distant life. Despite the fact that they share the same sidewalk, the distance between them couldn't be greater.

As his longing for a sense of inner-peace grows, Yorgos comes into contact with his the violent football hooligans with whom he spent most of his youth, and who now thank him for not betraying them when he was sentenced.

Upon returning to his old stomping grounds, Yorgos is surprised to find that the middle class neighborhood he grew up in has become an urban melting pot that represents a new brand of equality.

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