Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon

Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon Movie Poster

A Sunday walk in a Johannesburg park leads to a chance meeting that will change the way a young man views his country and the world around him in director Khalo Matabane's probing debut feature. It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and as Keniloe (Tony Kgoroge) wanders through the park, he soon happens upon Fatima (Fatima Hersi).

Moments after tearfully recounting her struggle to escape Somalia and seek refuge in South Africa, the troubled Fatima seemingly vanishes into thin air.

As Keniloe combs Johannesburg's crowded neighborhoods in search of his mysterious new friend, his chance meetings with a number of lost souls, including an Ethiopian woman, a war-torn Palestinian man, and a woman from former Yugoslavia who can't seem to stop the bombs from falling in her own head, finds the desperate search taking on a life of its own.

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