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1h 26m | Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Thriller

Mathieu, a prosperous Wall Street financial engineer, and his younger brother Simon, an aspiring actor, are called to their father’s cottage. Their father drowned a few weeks earlier when he went out on the lake without a lifejacket. They learn through his will that he wanted them to build a columbarium in his memory in seven days at the cottage. The will also stipulates that whoever leaves the property or comes into contact with the outside world before the end of this period will forfeit his inheritance. The two brothers get to work but soon, tension mounts as old resentments resurface. Subject to hallucinations and always on edge, Mathieu becomes increasingly afraid of his brother.

Director: Steve Kerr
Studio: FunFilm
Producer(s): Sophie Rémillard, Steve Kerr, Valérie Boucher
Cast: David Boutin, Maxime Dumontier, Pierre Collin, Gilbert Comtois, Mylène St-Sauveur, Catherine Yale, Janet Lane, Alicia Kerr
Writer(s): Steve Kerr

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