Cinematheque at Home: First Cow

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2h 1m | Drama, Western

Once again, America’s most vital independent director Kelly Reichardt (Meek’s Cutoff, Certain Women, Old Joy) has created a beautiful new feature set in 1802’s Oregon. First Cow is a “wondrous little story about two friends – A taciturn loner and skilled cook (played by John Magaro) and a Chinese immigrant (played by Orion Lee) who roam the natural splendors of the Pacific Northwest, searching for their place in the world. The appeal of this hypnotic, unpredictable movie comes from how they find that place through mutual failure, and the nature of that outcome in the context of an early, untamed America has rich implications that gradually seep into the frame. Reichardt excels at communing with natural beauty and humankind’s complex relationship to it, but “First Cow” pushes that motif into timeless resonance. – Eric Kohn, IndieWIRE

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Studio: Winnipeg Cinematheque
Writer(s): Kelly Reichardt, Jonathan Raymond
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