Chumlum (1964), Rythmus 21 (1921), Zweigroschenzauber (1929)

Chumlum (1964), Rythmus 21 (1921), Zweigroschenzauber (1929) Movie Poster

Ron Rice's only color film, Chumlum depicts Jack Smith and some of his cast during the making of Normal Love, which includes Beverly Grant, Mario Montez, Francis Francine, and Tiny Tim.

Rice offers glimpses of them in between set-ups at Normal Love's locations, as well as shots of the players lying in hammocks and rocking lazily after they were back in Rice's New York City loft. Throughout Chumlum, he utilizes superimpositions to turn his subjects into fields of texture, rhythm, and color.

The title is derived from the score by composer/musician Angus MacLise, which he played on cembalo.

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