Cet Amour-Là

Cet Amour-Là Movie Poster

Based on a novel by Yann Andréa, a Breton student discovers the work of author of Marguerite Lasted, Yann Lemée and begins a serious correspondence with her for the next five years. Following the half-decade of letters back and fourth, the two agree to meet at a seaside resort. Charmed by the young man, the Yann hires him as her secretary and renames him Yann Andrea Steiner. Soon, a romance blooms between the two.

Director: Josée Dayan
Studio: TVA International
Producer(s): Alain Sarde
Cast: Jeanne Moreau, Aymeric Demarigny, Christiane Rorato
Writer(s): Josée Dayan, Gilles Taurand

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