Bloody Tales From the Film Group Basement

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by Éric Falardeau | 2006 | 16:30 | colour
Purgatory is an atmospheric picture about self-hating, through graphic automutilations, of a man facing his own purgatory.

Master of the Dark
By Nelson Santos | 2006 | 14:00 | colour
When Gasket discovers an old book of evil in the glove box of a 1940s Oldsmobile it awakens the spirit of an evil soul that kills anyone for disturbing his slumber.

Red Men Rising
By Cindy Murdoch / 2006 35mm 16min.
After toxic wastes is carelessly dumped into the river, it flows down stream and finds its way into the ground of "Northern Pines Communist Graveyard", disturbing the dead and causing them to re-animate and rip free of their graves.

by David Zellis | 2006 | 21:21 | colour
Jock Van Rysell's sanity is literally flushed down the toilet when he is stalked by a male patient of his.

by Steven Kostanski | colour | 10:00 | 2007
Two dim-witted exterminators are about to find there are more disturbing things than the sexual advances of their maniacal supervisor as they descend into a nightmarish world of indescribable terror.

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