Blood Brother

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1h 32m | Documentary

Rocky Braat grew up with a drug addict mother with abusive boyfriends and an absent father. He dreamed of becoming a graphic designer, and landed a job with a national magazine.

He soon discovered that he wasn't content to continue on with his life as it was. He quit his job and went traveling. On a whim, with time to kill in Chennai, India, he went to visit an AIDS orphanage where he met a group of HIV positive children. When it came time to leave, he found it difficult. He eventually decided to leave his life in the U.S. to live in India with the kids.

Steve Hoover, his best friend and filmmaker, was intrigued by Rocky's drastic move. To get to the root of what is was that compelled Rocky to give up every source of stability in his life, he followed him to India.

Through his camera lens, he witnessed what Rocky and the kids had to endure, including disease, poverty and death. But he also saw their joy, and came to understand why Rocky gave up everything he had.

Director: Steve Hoover
Producer(s): Danny Yourd
Writer(s): Phinehas Hodges, Steve Hoover, Tyson VanSkiver
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