Between The Moon And Montevideo

Between The Moon And Montevideo Movie Poster
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1h 51m | Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Set in the future, on a ghetto planet located between Earth and the Moon, exists a forgotten colony where the majority of the human population lives in poverty. Thanks to his accumulated wealth, the dictator of this world, El Señor, has made enough to journey back to Earth. Tobi, the scrap merchant and a swindler, Tony-Lee, team up to steal the money from El Señor. Meanwhile, as the evening of his departure approaches, his identity papers, which he will need if he is ever to leave the colony, are confiscated.

Director: Attila Bertalan
Studio: Cinéma Libre
Producer(s): Attila Bertalan, Pascal Maeder
Cast: Pascale Bussières, Gérald Gagnon
Writer(s): Attila Bertalan

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