Berlin Alexanderplatz, Parts 1-3

Berlin Alexanderplatz, Parts 1-3 Movie Poster

Roger Ferris is one of the CIA's soldiers in the war on terrorism.

After an injury ends a tour of duty in Iraq, Ferris is assigned an intense espionage mission in Jordan--to infiltrate the cell of a master terrorist known only as al-Saleen. In order to get inside al-Saleen's network, Ferris hatches a dangerous and elaborate scheme: he creates an imaginary Jihadist in the guise of an innocent Arab architect with no known terrorist ties, who appears to be the leader of a rival cell.

By sowing these seeds of deception, Ferris hopes to flush out al-Saleen, drawing him to the bogus organization? and right into the arms of the CIA. Before setting his manipulative plan in motion, Ferris must win the backing of a cynical CIA veteran, Ed Hoffman, and a wily, urbane but suspect Jordanian intelligence office, Hani Salaam.

But can Ferris trust either of these men who appear to be his allies in the war on terrorism?

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