Belated Full Moon (Zakasnjalo palnolunie)

Belated Full Moon (Zakasnjalo palnolunie) Movie Poster

The final film of distinguished Bulgarian filmmaker Edouard Zhariev, who died shortly after he finished editing the film, Belated Full Moon offers a grim view of the state of his country in the mid '90s and makes dire predictions that are leavened with just enough humor to make the message palatable.

The story largely centers on a grandfather who finds himself deeply depressed by the dramatic downward turns Bulgarian society has taken. The changes of the past half century have created a deep communications gap between generations and he is unable to communicate with his troubled son.

Nor is the old man able to do much to help his grandson who is making his first forays into criminal life, blaming it all on his mother who admits she is incapable of loving him. The grandfather tires of life with the bleak family and so goes to an old folks home.

But that proves repressive, so he and a couple of friends leave to enact a money-making scheme. When that fails, the old man finds himself alone and destitute on the rough streets of Sofia where his despairing eyes witness the further ruination of his homeland.

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