Be The Man

Be The Man Movie Poster

Super Dave Osborne makes his feature film debut in this biographical comedy which chronicles his life from the time of his grandfather's funeral as a small boy to his becoming one of the world's greatest stuntmen.

On New Year's Eve 1999, Dave is set to perform a stunt where he is shot out of a device which catapults him from one trampoline to another 1999 times. To welcome the new millennium, on the 2000th bounce, Dave will be propelled onto a huge ball and dropped from the ceiling of the MGM Grand Hotel. He momentarily disappears by going through the opened roof, but just as he re-enters the hotel, the ball crash lands on him. As Super Dave is transported to the hospital, the story of his life and his decision to become a stuntman unfold.
Director: Dave Osborne
Studio: MGM/UA
Producer(s): David Steinberg, Larry Brezner, Mike Marcus
Cast: Dave Osborne, Don Lake, Fuji , Mike Walden
Writer(s): Dave Osborne, Don Lake, Dave Hoselton, Lorne Cameron

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