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User review rating: 5 December 27, 2017

Let me be the first one to say, this movie is epic as it illustrates a formidable and advancing foe that was a threat to world peace, Germany, Italy and Hitler. I love that era of fighters and bombers as a kid, and watched this movie with my father who, like many others, nobly served their country to face a dangerous threat. Those who honorably served (Allied) against Germany (Axis) made our world a better place, and the brave people who sat in the cockpit of the famous spitfire and those who served in other capacities during WW.2 are truly amazing heroes worthy of our respect, salutes and praises. Unlike costly warring nations of today that are forever bleeding world economies and resources, our folk did not pusillanimously flee to repopulate foreign lands with their race and costly humanitarian aid. The Allied (UK, USA, France, Australia, Russia and Canada) all united to fight Hitler and to their phenomenal credit we were victorious. How would the world look today if our people fled to other lands? I can watch this movie over and over again to see the many planes I built, as a kid. model airplane kits like the Mosquito, Avro Lancaster, Spitfire, Tempest and Hurricane and Me109 and Stukas. To those who migrate all over the world to make us a better planet who enjoy such freedoms, we owe a moral debt to those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms and liberties. Pay respect to a war memorial, visit a museum to see the remnants of these handsome airplanes that were lethal in battle, watch a war veteran parade as our WW.2 soldiers are dying off. Watch a movie like the Battle of Britain that showcases heroism, unification in fighting a lethal foe who sought world domination and the scarring shame of an attempt to genocide a race. We need to remember this era to appreciate what we have today as if the enemy won (Japan, Germany and Italy) the world as we know it today might be different. I would hope there would be more efforts to rebuild such historic planes to the

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