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Batman: The Killing Joke - Official Trailer

9,311 Views | 1:19 | Uploaded on Jul 07, 2016

The trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke begins with Batman (Kevin Conroy) walking into Arkham Asylum. It is there he meets the Joker (Mark Hamill). "I want to talk," Batman says. Footage of the two fighting is shown while Batman's conversation with the Joker at Arkham continues. Batman says he's been thinking about how all of this will end. "Perhaps you'll kill me, perhaps I'll kill you," he tells the Joker. The Joker is then seen abducting Commissioner Gordon (Ray Wise). Footage of the Joker's perverted amusement park is seen. "All it takes is one bad day," he says. The trailer ends with the Joker's maniacal laugh

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