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In the cold, winter light of the rural Mississippi Delta, Marlee, a single African-American mother (Tarra Riggs), struggles to scratch a living for herself and her 12-year-old son James (JimMyron Ross), who stumbles under drug and violence pressures.

When the opportunity to seek safe harbor at a new home arises, she grabs it, even though the property is shared by Lawrence (Micheal J. Smith Sr.), a man with whom she has a long and bitter past. With circumstances thrusting them into proximity, an interdependence and common purpose emerge for Marlee and Lawrence, as they tend to old wounds, test new waters, and tentatively move forward.

Director: Lance Hammer
Producer(s): Lance Hammer, Nina Parikh
Cast: Tarra Riggs, Jim Myron Ross, Michael J. Smith Sr., Johnny McPhail

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